Children’s Rights Affected by AIDS

UNO experts are treating the question of HIV/AIDS as both a public health concern and a children’s rights issue. Many children are infected while being forced into sexual slavery.

Defenceless, sometimes not knowing what is happening to them, children in Less Developed Countries – and sometimes in developed countries – are kidnapped or sold into sexual slavery, being forced to make a certain quantity of money in return for food. If the money is insufficient, the child does not eat. To make matters worse, many of these children are contracting HIV/AIDS.

The UNO intends to take the matter up with its member states, issuing guidelines of the Rights of the Child, enabling the judicial systems of the countries involved to act.

The fact that sexual tourism not only still exists, but thrives and is mushrooming, especially in the north-east of Brazil, where Italian tour operators offer a “package” which includes the flight, the hotel stay and sexual activity, be it heterosexual, homosexual or paedophile, is a comment on the complacency or even connivance which surrounds this crime, arguably one of the worst perpetrated by humanity.

In the Far East, girls as young as three are being forced to stay up all night, selling their bodies to the tourists who pack into bars which they know offer sexual tourism services. The tragedy is that many of these children become infected before they are old enough to understand what has happened to them.

The solution, according to experts, is difficult because so much money is involved that it is easy to corrupt poorly-paid officials in an act from which all ga9in something, except the child. The parents rent the child for the day (or sell) and earn a tidy sum which increases their standard of living many times over. The person controlling the child makes the most profit, the sexual tourist has the opportunity to perform his perverted act.

The child, innocent and defenceless, suffers in silence…and later on, dies.


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