Iraqi Opposition Fights for Freedom, Hopes for Power

Every movement of the Iraqi opposition wants Saddam to go

Iraqi opposition groups have agreed upon the fact, who is going to be the great vizier with their padishah (the USA). There are three candidacies like that. It became known on Saturday that the USA has officially informed its allies about its plans for Iraq. The goal of the United States is to make Saddam Hussein quit his position. The USA also announced on its inclination to preserve Hussein’s ruling party of the Arab Socialist Revival – Baath. The United States is also intended to preserve the structure of existing state bodies. They are planned to be used for democratic reforms in the country in the future. However, Washington does not want to let high-ranking officials of the ruling regime form a new government in Iraq. America’s black list includes almost all civil and military ranks.

In the meantime, Washington and London’s helpless product, the Iraqi opposition, has finally made its decision regarding their vizier with the padishah (the USA). There are three of them. The triumvirate (three parties at power) will be the head of the Iraqi opposition: Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds. This was said Tuesday by spokesman for the Supreme Council of the Islamic Revolution in Iraq Bayan Jabor in an interview to the Arab newspaper Gulf News. As the official said, the adequate decision would be made on January 20 at the conference of Iraqi opposition organizations. The conference will take place in the city of Erbil, in the north of Iraq. The joint executive committee will be set up at the conference too. Bayan Jabor also pointed out that the Kurds do not have any plans to set up their own state. He added that they would like to live within the framework of Iraq.

We would like to remind here that a conference of the Iraqi opposition took place in London at the end of December. A lot of delegates participated in the arrangement. They represented various social, religious, ethnic groups. All of them were united with one thing only: a very strong aversion to Saddam. They all cherished a hope that they would be given an access to the political sinecure after Saddam Hussein is overthrown. However, their dreams dissipated very quickly. The States staked on the ones that it wanted – the choice was limited to the number of six. The Islamic Revolution in Iraq played the first fiddle (this is a large opposition party based in Iran). It goes without saying that others “fighters for Iraq’s freedom,” including the Kurds, did not like such a state of things at all. Spokesmen for five Iraqi opposition groups stated on Tuesday that they were going to stop their activity in it. Ishan Abdulaziz from the Islamic Movement of Iraqi Kurdistan stated that only a narrow circle of opposition members could make any decisions. He added that a small group of people did not listen to any other representatives of the Iraqi opposition abroad. The conference was hopelessly spoiled. Yet, the United States made other participants of the conference pass a political program of the post-war regime in Iraq. This program was actually the goal of their gathering in London.

When the conference was over, a long chain of discussions started. As a result of those discussions, the party Islamic Revolution in Iraq, which runs for the absolute power in the country (within the scope of the USA’s will for that, of course), let go its ambition for the sake of other “fighters for the blessed future of Iraq. The inspired opposition divided up the bearskin before a bear was shot. A spokesman for the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq said that, the number of the armed groups of the opposition makes up some 200 thousand people. Yet, the opposition prefers a political solution of the power issue. A spokesman believes that it would be best to hold the universal election under the UN aegis. As he said, the so-called puppet regime, which might be established from the outside, will not last long. He added that the people of Iraq would not accept it. Bayan Jabor stated that the opposition was currently developing a five-year-plan to restore Iraq economically.

Dmitry Chirkin PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov