Korean Crisis: the USA Guilty

Some Games and Wang wrote: “North Korea has no other capital to compete with the USA” and “Why does North Korea play this game? They should follow China's lead. China is becoming more open, more western-oriented.” E.Huang sticks to a different opinion: “I think every country has the right to decide its own things and development direction. The USA can own nuclear weapon, why NPRK can't? The USA can invade other countries, now the USA prepares to invade Iraq. Why does the USA always do these things? I hope one day some countries will do the same thing on the USA.”

These are three of the 88 responses given to the appeal to Chinese and foreign readers of the website of the English-language version of China Daily; the readers were asked to say their opinions concerning Pyongyang’s decision to abandon the nuclear weapons non-proliferation treaty.

Some of the respondents demand that North Korea must be punished, that sanctions must be imposed against this country. Others feel rather sympathetically toward North Korea and are very anxious about possible consequences of the withdrawal from the treaty: the situation may get aggravated in the region; nuclear and missile programs may be launched in Japan; problems may arise concerning future prospects of China’s economic development. Majority of the China Daily readers criticize the USA and George W. Bush personally.

Paul Casson wrote: “If the West really had a clear, "consistent" policy with N.Korea, NOT making a James Bond movie about it would be the first logical step to "a true diplomacy of equal respect!"

Johnnie Liew, judging by the name he is a Chinese living in some other country, thinks that there is no way out of this crisis until the United States comes to it's senses to leave the Korean people alone and get their soldiers out and don't interfere with the Korean people. He adds: “I don't subscribe to the idea the north will kill their kind.”

A reader who named himself “Dada Monkey” wrote: “After Vietnam, Cambodia, Guatemala, Yugoslavia, The Gulf War, and Afghanistan only fools will put their trust on the United States' good hope.”

Peter Baker from Australia wrote: Without the balancing role of the USSR, the US itself now represents the greatest threat to world peace and deserves no more right to WMD than most other nations.”

Several responses appeal to China for coordinating its efforts with Russia for the Korean crisis settlement. A Chinese who put his name as “an Old Man” thinks that if the USA attacks North Korea, China must come to the rescue.

Andrey Krushinsky PRAVDA.Ru Beijing China

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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