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Mexico: Marcos Strikes Back - 5 January, 2003 - News

The leader of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation announced a new war in Southern Mexico

By the time his followers prepare to celebrate the ninth anniversary of Chiapas' uprising, the charismatic head of the EZLN guerrillas defied Mexican Government through an open letter published in the local mass media. Marcos pledged war if Fox's administration dares to expel indigenous groups from settlements in the South East of the Chiapas State.

However, Sub-Commander Marcos -"Sub" because the Commander is the people- also involves himself on international issues. In a recent letter, publicly supported ETA actions in Spain and criticized the Spanish judge Baltazar Garzon for sending ETA's leaders to prison.

Garzon and Marcos made known recently their public discrepancies regarding the terrorist Basque group and are preparing open talks on this issue to take place in the Canary Islands. On his new letter, Marcos referred again to the Spanish Monarchy and political class in rude terms.

"I did not want to disrespect His Majesty. What I wanted to say is that I don't give a shit for the Monarchy", reads Marcos letter, the eight after coming back to light one year and a half ago. Some time ago, he accused Garzon of being a "fascist" and cried "Down with the Monarchy", after saying he is in favor of a Republican Spain.

Marcos also made known his point of view regarding the Argentine crisis. He supported the popular slogan "Everybody out" against politicians. "Argentina is still a generous country; it gave us Che Guevara, before, and now gives us a global action plan", he stated. Shortly before ending the letter, saluted Argentine social fights with a new slogan: "Long live Argentine rebellion".

Marcos followers' movements alerted Mexican Army, which had intensified controls in the area. The EZLN pledged to defend with their own lives the indigenous settlements as their leaders claimed the Government wants these territories for private exploitation.

Photo: Marcos, leader and mastermind of the EZLN

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