Monkey as the Symbol of the Goat Year?

This year, St Petersburg citizens have an opportunity to congratulate their friends to the New Year in an exotic way: having paid 10,000 rubles (a bit more than $ 300.00) they can call a black Grandfather Frost. According to the advertisement, the grandfather will be accompanied by a blond Snegurochka, who is, according to the Russian or, rather, the Soviet tradition, the Grandfather Frost granddaughter. Really, members of some families can be so different! While the Snegurochka is promised to have a real monkey about her. Does the monkey symbolize the coming New Year? Impossible, for according to Chinese horoscope, this year is the year of goat. So the idea is not clear enough. Invitation of traditional Grandfather Frost and Snegurochka cost 1,000 to 1,500 rubles ($ 30.00 to 50.00) in the period of December 27-29, while December 30 – 3,000-3,500 rubles. The visit of Grandfather Frost alone (without any icy blond relatives) at New Year night costs already $ 200.00, while accompanied with Snegurochka Grandfather Frost would ask you to pay twice more for his visit.

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