“Jihad is Duty of every Muslim!” - 24 December, 2002 - News

The US potential allies call to Jihad against America

Searching for allies inside Iraq, Washington constantly faces some troubles. There is no force in Iraq, which would be similar to the Afghan Northern Alliance. So, what to do? Some more or less worthwhile groups are more interested in fighting with each other than with Saddam Husain. This is the problem which cannot be solved.

Today, one more fetva (a kind of verdict in Muslim theology) was issued in Iraq, calling the believers to starting Jihad against US Army, in case it invades the country. Actually, this piece of news would not surprise anybody – fetvas with such calls are regularly issued in Iraq. Though, this time, the Jihad initiators were Kurdish and Turkmen theologians living in the north of Iraq. As well-known, Kurds are supposed to be the almost only political force in Iraq, opposing Saddam Husain (which therefore automatically becomes the US ally), having any armed groups. And there was a surprise…

According to RIA ‘Novosti,’ the fetva was issued at the theologian meeting in the city of Kirkuk situated in the north of the country, not far from Iraqi Kurdistan. The calls to Jihad were supported by more than 600 participants of the meeting. Clear, in today’s circumstances, the fetva issuing has a propagandist character. Many observers note the meeting itself was certainly organized as a request to the Iraqi opposition congress in London December 14-15.

However, Baghdad had no need to take any counter measures: the oppositionists who sat for two days in British capital quarreled while sharing seats in the future government which should come to power after the Saddam Husain regime overthrow. The congress delegates took such a great interest in cooking the hare before catching him that representatives of five organizations simply left the conference, being disappointed with its results. However, quarrels inside the opposition are mainly based on national and religious contradictions.

Most of delegates of the London conference represented Kurds and Shiites, while the most of Iraqi population are Sunnite Arabs, of whom not so many were in the London conference. So, Americans have a serious problem before them: if the future government mainly consists of the national and religious minorities representatives, could situation in Iraq be stable? Sunnites hardly will be glad to lose the power, as they always have occupied leading positions in Iraqi political elite.

Though, Americans could also have troubles with Iraqi minorities, too. Theologians traditionally enjoy serious influence in Iraq like in any other Muslim country. The Iraqi Kurd leaders hardly can ignore today’s fetva. So, Saddam Husain equalized the score. Now, it is Washington’s term.

Vasily Bubnov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Vera Solovieva

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