The Iraqi Crisis: Reasons

Tony Blair’s drive towards the promotion of his own protagonism needs a higher dosage in his adrenalin fix every day. No longer is the firemen’s strike in the UK enough to provide the adrenalin rush on which he survives. On the other side of the Atlantic, the energy lobby behind the presidency of the USA prepares to swallow up another victim of its globalistic policy of greed, after Afghanistan provided the final link in the long-desired pipeline from Turkmenistan to Pakistan and while the opposition in Venezuela, which supplies the USA with more oil than the Middle East, is tele-commanded into bringing the coup d’etat (which failed in April) that will allow the US energy companies to dismember Venezuela’s state oil company.

These are the reasons why a military strike will be launched against Iraq’s Ba’ath regime. A puppet government in Baghdad, led by the UK-based Iraqi Opposition Parties and controlled politically by Washington, will provide the destabilisation necessary for long-term presence in the area, one which the said energy companies will take advantage of to the full.

In London, Tony Blair is planning his political future. He is eyeing the European Union as a possible next step after he becomes bored with the Premiership and is already preparing his move. Proposing the abolishment of the present post of President of the EU Commission, Blair intends to substitute this position with that of an all-powerful EU President, a position which would bring him the protagonism he desires.

For this, he needs a political trampoline and what better image-maker than a full-scale war, which a military attack on Iraq will certainly become, since the Ba’ath regime has nothing to lose by fighting back with all the weaponry at its disposal.

If Blair can tack the role of peacemaker onto his image of warmonger, his presidential campaign will be complete. Curiously, he now offers to hold a Middle East Peace Conference in London, declaring that “It is in the interests of the Palestinians and the Israelis that these reforms (of the Palestine Authority) are successful so that we can transform into reality the two states solution presented by President Bush, Israel and Palestine, living side by side in peace and security”.

The Conference, chaired by British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw, would include members of the quartet (the Russian Federation, the USA, the European Union and the United Nations Organisation), representatives from Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia and those of Israel and the Palestine Authority, although it is not certain whether Yasser Arafat would be invited.

The notion that foreign policy can be conducted with the aim of seeking the best advantages for national interest is not perverse. What is perverse is that an aggressive, intrusive policy, followed for a long time by Washington and now unconditionally by London, a policy which involves military intervention overseas with the aim of catering for power groups or as a joy ride to satisfy personal whims or caprices, is wholly immoral and totally illegal.


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