Submarine Owned by Kaliningrad's World Ocean Museum Admitted to Historical Ships' Association

The B-413 submarine owned by the World Ocean Museum in Kaliningrad has been admitted to the Association of Historical Ships. A certificate of admission to 'the third largest fleet of the world' was delivered to Kaliningrad by Alexander Vershbow, the US Ambassador to Russia.

The Association of Historical Ships was founded in 1966. Its primary objective is the preservation of outstanding historical ships and the dissemination of information among those interested in the rich naval heritage of the sea nations. At this time, the association includes 90 ships from all over the world. Until now, Russia was represented by the Aurora cruiser and the Krasin icebreaker. The B-413 submarine was put to its permanent mooring at the World Ocean Museum's pier in 2001. She is the only in Russia post-war museum ship. It houses a permanent exhibition entitled 'The History of Russia's Navy'. The submarine was built in 1968 and was a part first of the Northern, then Baltic fleets.