Pupils Must Understand Barbaric Essence of American Imperialism!

North Korea’s lessons of hatred
Much is currently said about the damaged relations between Pyongyang and Washington. Both sides blame each other for the aggravation of the relations. As a result, Americans almost every week reveal that North Korea is selling weapons (the last information reported on the subject was that North Korea sold 15 war boats to Iraq). In its turn, North Korea launched its propaganda machine intended to unmask “American imperialists.” North Korean pupils are taught to hate the USA at special lessons. Russian news agency RIA Novosti quotes the words from a Pyongyang radio program: “Attempts of US imperialists to destroy our republic are getting more and more violent; for this very reason North Korea is currently focusing more attention on educational work with school children, this is done with a view to help Pyongyang pupils understand the treacherous and barbaric essence of American imperialism and get completely inspired with the sense of retribution.” Besides, special meetings are organized between pupils from the North Korean capital and its outskirts and heroes of the country, veterans of the 1950-1953 Korean war; documentaries about the past military operations carried out by the USA in Korea are demonstrated.

On the whole, voluntarily or not, but Washington did everything possible to consolidate Kim Jong-il’s position. External threat is the best way to perfectly consolidate any nation. At that, North Korean propagandists don’t spend much effort on this work, as Americans, who consider North Korea a source of constant threat, do everything themselves.

However that may be, the opposition between the two countries is at its height. If the US Administration were not so much preoccupied with Iraq, North Korea would have really hard times. But probably, it wouldn’t, as there is no oil in North Korea.

Vasily Bubnov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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