Argentina Mobilizes Against Government, Revolution Awaits

Different social organizations from all over the country call for a national march to Buenos Aires to commemorate the first anniversary of the popular rebellion that toppled former President De la Rua on December 20th 2001. Under the slogan "Everybody out!”, demonstrators will demand the resignation of current national government, bread for the victims of famine, and jobs for the unemployed.

The march will start on December 16th with five groups of demonstrators who will travel Buenos Aires from the provinces in the northwest, northeast, west, and south of the country. They plan to converge in Plaza de Mayo - political center of Buenos Aires - on the 20th.

Amid adherents are left-wing parties, organizations of unemployed workers, and many other social movements. They will march together gathering people on the road to the capital, holding demonstrations in the main cities of the country. Organizers expect another popular rebellion like its precedent, one year ago.

Nestor Pitrola is the leader that the government has made responsible in advance for any violence if police are forced to crack down on the protest. In turn, Raul Castells, head of the most powerful organization of unemployed workers, said to PRAVDA.Ru: "We do not want violence. The government is trying to provoke fear in the population with rumors. They do not want people to mobilize." "The attitude of politicians is a shame for all of us. This time, the protest is not going to end in looting, but with thousands of Argentineans in the squares putting an end to this political system,” he added.

The Communist Party of Argentina will also join the protest. It’s president, Patricio Etchegaray, explained to PRAVDA.Ru that his force "is working in the Congress and in the streets to create a political alternative to the slogan ‘everybody out’ addressed to politicians."

However, more radical voices are being heard: "we'll go to Plaza de Mayo and take power.” These words belong to Nestor Pitrola, who also added: "we do not want looting; we will discuss who's holds power in Argentina." However, this correspondent knows that protesters plan to seize supermarkets for food.

Organizations from the USA, Europe, and Latin America - mainly left wing parties and NGO's - will take part on the march. In addition, the classical pot-banging protest will escort marchers.

Hernan Etchaleco PRAVDA.Ru Argentina