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Ideologist of Chechen terrorists, Movladi Udugov, threatens Georgia because extraditions
The scandal with the Tbilisi circuit court decision, which turned down the appeal of three Chechens detained for boundary transgression in Georgia in August, is currently picking up steam in Georgia. The detained Chechens tried to appeal the decision of Georgian Prosecutor’s Office of November 28 to extradite them to Russia. Earlier, the attorney of one of the detained declared that Georgian Prosecutor General Nugzar Gabrichidze had passed the decision on the extradition of the Chechens under the pressure from President Eduard Shevardnadze. He also said that materials sent from Moscow on the detained Chechen terrorists were forged, as the people were accused of committing the same grave crimes on Russian territory. The attorney was asked why the detained Chechen terrorists shouldn’t be extradited to Russia. He said: “In fact, extradition means certain death for these people, if not by a verdict of the Russian court, then in jail.”

Eduard Shevardnadze denied all accusations; he declared that Georgia would meet its every commitment to Russia in connection with extradition of the Chechen terrorists detained on the Georgian territory in August. He added that all formalities connected with the extradition must be observed at that. A special airplane will leave for Moscow from Tbilisi today to deliver the three Chechen terrorists to Russia. Russian agency RosBusinessConsulting received this information from a source in the Georgian republic prosecutor’s office.

Meanwhile, one of the Chechen terrorist ideologists, Movladi Udugov, threatens Russia in connection with the plans to extradite the detained Chechens to Russia. According to the radio station Echo Moskvy, a representative of the terrorists said in an interview to the Georgian newspaper Tribuna: “If the Chechens take responsive measures, they will be extremely unexpected and undesirable for Georgia.” In Udugov’s words, Chechen Mujahideens showed their good will in respect to Georgia and did their best to see that Moscow had no reason to start military operations in the Pankissi Gorge. Udugov thinks that the Georgian authorities don’t appreciate the magnanimity of the Mujanideens.

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Translated by Maria Gousseva

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