Chinese Authorities Allow HIV-Infected Woman To Marry

The couple also dreams of having a baby
We know almost everything about this 28-year-old woman: she is young and beautiful; however, not long ago, she was a junkie. According to official Chinese statistics, the majority of the one million officially registered HIV-infected people in China became infected using drugs; and the woman in question belongs this group as well.. She successfully managed to get rid of her drug addiction, but medicine is helpless against consequences of this awful disease.

The killer virus was discovered in the woman’s blood five years ago. Naturally, the woman felt extremely depressed because of it, and she even attempted to commit suicide twice. A devoted friend helped her to believe that she can live and be happy all the same. This man is absolutely healthy; however, he all the same proposed to the woman. Contrary to Chinese legislation, which prohibits marriages whith HIV-infected people, the authorities of Guiyang, the capital of the province of Guizhou (where both the man and the woman live), decided to make an exception in this case. The couple is allowed to get married. Moreover, the marriage is scheduled in Beijing for December 1, on International AIDS Day.

The man and the woman not only dream of becoming husband and wife, they also want to have a baby in the future. This unusual case has caused an uproar in the Chinese press. A Chinese AIDS expert says that if the future husband takes necessary precautions, he will avoid being infected for a rather long period; however, nobody and nothing can give a 100% guarantee in this case. If the pregnancy of the woman is closely observed by doctors, the baby most likely will be born healthy. According to a local newspaper, the chances of the baby being born are approximately 90 percent.

Andrey Krushinsky PRAVDA.Ru Beijing China

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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