Cyclone interrupts air and ferry communications in Sakhalin and South Kuriles

A cyclone has interrupted air and marine ferry communications with the mainland in Sakhalin and the South Kuriles (the Pacific Ocean).

The Sakhalin weather service reports that the bad weather was provoked by the merger of two oceanic cyclones which moved towards each other from the Northern and Southern latitudes. This natural cocktail caused an abundant snowfall accompanied by a strong wind.

In southern Sakhalin where there is a strong snowfall, the wind reaches 22 m/sec. On the coastline wind gusts can reach 30 m/sec with the visibility of less than 300 metres.

In connection with the bad weather conditions, on Wednesday morning the main emergency situations department of the Sakhalin Region requested the residents not to leave their homes unless there is an absolute necessity, and car owners to refrain from long trips.