300 types of weapons received by Russian army over a year

This year the Russian army has been supplied with more than 300 types of weapons of the main assortment, said Russian Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov. Six missile complexes "Topol-M" have been put on for combat duty, six space vehicles have been launched into the orbit, he pointed out in his report at the session of the ministry's heads. One strategic missile submarine cruiser, one diesel submarine, three antisubmarine ships, 132 self-propelled artillery weapons, 58 combat automobiles and missile launchers, anti-aircraft and missile complexes, as well as 10 fleet air planes have been repaired and put into operation.

More than 18,000 units of weapons, six long-range airplanes, 90 front airplanes, 31 naval airplanes and 132 helicopters have been completely overhauled, Ivanov pointed out.

Separate restoration works have been conducted on three submarines and 31 vessels, the minister added.

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