Terrorism Will Never Die

It is not about the fake axis of evil, it is about money

In this article, I will argue with President Vladimir Putin, who precisely outlined the perspectives of those who organize and conduct acts of terrorism. “Terrorism has no future,” said the president. This statement is simply a matter of wishful thinking, and a wish remains a wish.

Of course, Vladimir Putin has strained every nerve of the military structures. The latter have something to boast of as well. However, the soil in which young generations of suicidal terrorists grow is fertilized with money. The elimination of terrorism is not possible. Here is why.

A curious event took place in the city of Ivanovo, which is in the center of Russia. The demonstration took place on November 11th, after the release of the hostages in Moscow music theatre. A group of students and journalists gathered on the central square of the city and asked “Guerrillas’ Street” to be renamed. Yes, there is a street in a Russian town named after people who have terrorized the whole world.

One of the central streets of the city of Ivanovo was named “Guerrillas’ Street” in 1927. The street was named in honor of bolsheviks’ battle squads. The squads conducted military exercises in the forests between 1905-1907. In fact, they were training camps, similar to those operated by modern-day terrorists. What’s the difference between the two? The weapons used are definitely different, as well as the tactics employed, but this is simply a matter of technological progress.

Those bombers of the past had a very hard job: there were no sniper guns and no grenade launchers. They had to approach the object of their attack very closely. They could only throw one grenade or make take one shot, as there was not time for anything more. Nowadays, terrorists conduct their campaigns throughout the world. Distance doesn’t matter. Even though terrorism has increased in its scale, the goal remains the same.

Of course, there are some people who might argue that one should not compare revolutionaries with terrorists. I would ignore these people, as an act of terrorism is an act of terrorism. Old-school bombers were more delicate in their activities. If there were elderly people, women, or children near the object of their attack, they would often cancel the bombing. Now, the situation is different, and terrorists don’t care about their victims’ age or sex. The rest is basically the same. Terrorists have a dogma in their head: the idea to correct the world order, which eventually brings up the idea of dictatorship.

A guerrilla, a terrorist, a suicidal fighter is a profession. In other words, it’s a job, and someone pays for this job. Only a naive person would think that training centers at the beginning of the 20th century existed operated without funding. Money was needed to feed these men and provide them with means for living

It is known that industrialists used to sponsor Russian radical parties. They sponsored extreme organizations because they volunteered to do so. Some of them would say things like “guerrillas do not use us, we use them, because they annoy the government and we deal with the economic revival of Russia.” While the government was pursuing terrorists, industrialists were filling their pockets up with cash.

It is also known that all Caucasian problems starts with a large sum of money. Armed Chechen terrorists do not look like rebels that stand up to defend the independence of their motherland. They do not have axes or sticks to fight their enemy with (Russia). They have up-to-date weapons: anti-aircraft emplacements, land mines, and grenade launchers, all made in Russia. Only God knows how much money all these weapons cost, but it is no secret that Chechen terrorists purchase the weapons they use to kill Russians with from Russians.

It’s not correct to blame Osama bin Laden for everything. I am almost 100% sure that Chechen terrorists find sponsors in Russia. There obviously was someone who provided food, weapons, bombs, and clothes for those 50 Chechen terrorists who recently caused the hostage crisis in Moscow. It does not matter that they were suicide terrorists from the very beginning of the hostage-taking. We have to realize that terrorism has already become a business. Moreover, this business brings in very good profits.

The Moscow event takes a different shape from this point of view. It is rumored that the whole hostage crisis was organized by Russian oligarchs, a crisis meant to harm Putin, first and foremost. This theory has a right to exist: Putin interfered in their activity too much. Very wealthy men started feeling very uncomfortable. It goes without saying that assassinating the president would result in too many negative consequences. Therefore, they switched the president’s attention to terrorists. The president deals with hostages, while oligarchs do their businesses.

Rather logical, is it not? Therefore, it is not about the presidents or their wishes. George Bush's “axis of evil” does not pose any real threat. Terrorism will have its future as long as money is interested in it. There will always be the crazy people ready to die for a “glorious future,” and there will always be oligarchs ready to use these people for their own ends.

Yevgeny Izyurov Based on the materials from the newspaper Vladivostok

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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