Former Soviet republic of Georgia is on the edge of war

President Shevardnadze’s policy suffered a debacle

The conflict between Russia and Georgia entered its final stage yesterday. Russian media outlets informed that the Army Headquarters developed the plan of the military operation in the Pankisi Gorge of Georgia.

An infantry regiment of the 42nd division has been recently deployed in the republic of Ingushetia. This regimen can reportedly be used for a possible operation. The role of the major striking force will be played by the special force of the Principal Intelligence Department. Several units of the special forces of the Russian army have been recently deployed on the border. Pursuant to the plan of the Russian Army Headquarters, the operation will be started by battle-planes that are equipped with high precision weapons.

The army operation is getting support from the very top of the government. The Federation Council is ready to support President Putin, if the president decides to use armed forces for fighting Pankisi-based Chechen terrorists.

The lower house of the Russian parliament is currently working on the decree, in which the Russian government will be offered to suspend negotiations on the basic agreement between Russia and Georgia. This was said by the chairman of the international committee of the Duma, Dmitry Rogozin. According to him, in connection with the situation on the Russian-Georgian border, any kinds of negotiations are pointless. Dmitry Rogozin advised that the draft decree would be ready for the parliamentary session of September 13.

The unified position of the State Duma and the Federation Council is a very good addition to yesterday’s speech from President Putin.

Vladimir Putin said: “If the Georgian government fails to establish the safety zone in the area of the Georgian-Russian border, if the Georgian government keeps on ignoring the resolution of the UN Security Council of September 28, 2001, then Russia will have a right to act according to Article 51 of the UN Charter. Pursuant to the Charter, each UN country-member has a right for individual or collective defense. Russia is strictly following its international obligations, treating the sovereignty and territorial integrity of other states with respect. However, Russia demands the same attitude in return,” – stressed Putin.

Georgian President Eduard Shevardnadze claimed that Putin’s statement was a hasty one, “It was apparently released for the people present.”

Mr. Shevardnadze, you are so wrong. Russia’s patience does not last forever. If you can not establish law and order in your little home, please let others do it instead. There is no use for Georgia to appeal to the international community. Georgia is on the list of the countries with unpredictable political situation. Its leadership is unable to do anything to make it better. Georgia has a “good” company: Yemen, Sudan, the Philippines, Jammu and Kashmir.

Dmitry Litvinovich PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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