No one is helping us!

The majority of American people think that other countries of the world do not help them in the anti-terrorist struggle

Lots of polls have been published before the anniversary of September 11 attacks. The polls were all about the issue of terrorism or anti-terrorist struggle. One of those polls was conducted by ABC television company. Pursuant to the results of that opinion poll, the majority of Americans are certain that other countries of the world were not rendering enough help to the USA in its anti-terrorist crusade.

However, there was a little exception made for Great Britain. Seventy-six percent of respondents said that Great Britain was greatly assisting the USA. Thirty-nine percent of Americans are certain in Germany’s help. Only 12% said that Saudi Arabia was helping the USA in this respect. Those 12% have not been following news programs, definitely. There was no information on other countries published.

As a matter of fact, there is nothing surprising about the fact that the results of those polls were like that. Yet, it is hard to say, what the ground is to believe that anti-terrorist struggle assistance is sufficient, according to the opinion of the American people. Apparently, the bases that were rendered by other countries to the American army are not enough for calling this a help. Well then, ok. If Americans think like that, let them think so.

There is an impression that American people basically believe that the help in the anti-terrorist struggle is directly connected with their consent with the foreign policy of the USA. The assistance is not really large, judging from this point of view. However, it is the problem of the USA, not of other countries. The White House is making problems itself.

Well-known anti-racist fighter Nelson Mandela stated in his interview to Newsweek magazine that the USA and its policy were the major threat to the whole world. Speaking about the Iraqi issue, Mandela said that neither the USA or Great Britain had any evidence to prove that Saddam Hussein had mass destruction weapon in his disposal. They could not even prove an opportunity of its production. Mandela claimed that it was absolutely obvious that George Bush’s aggressive sentiments were only caused with his desire to please the petroleum and military industries of the USA.

Nelson Mandela actually accused the USA’s and Great Britain’s governments of racism. According to Mandela, American and British people stopped paying attention to the position of the UN Secretary General, after this position was taken by people of other races (Kofi Annan, Butros Ghali).

Mandela thinks that the only sane person in the American administration is Secretary of State Colin Powell. Mandela says that Powell knows, what the Middle East war really is. Virtually, the presidents of the country are such “dinosaurs” as Dick Cheney and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. In Nelson Mandela’s opinion, they are pulling America back in the past.

One can surely disregard Mandela’s opinion, in spite of the fact that the USA did really a lot to make South African racists release him from jail. Mandela’s words are not likely to convince anyone in the White House of anything. The issue of the war with Iraq has been settled down for the American administration. So, why getting surprised of little help to America’s anti-terrorist struggle?

Vasily Bubnov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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