EU/Fatah agreement: No more attacks on civilians in Israel

The armed wing of Al-Fatah, “Tanzim” and the Brigades of the Martyrs of Al-Aqsa reached an agreement with the European Union on Tuesday, pledging to end all attacks inside Israel.

The agreement was reached after months of negotiations with Alastair Crook, a member of the British Secret Services. The agreement signed by A-Fatah and the Brigades states that there will be an immediate end to attacks “against children, women and old people (inside Israel) because these are intolerable and provoke the Palestinian interests”.

However, operations against the Israeli armed forces will continue in the occupied territories. In the document, Yasser Arafat is described as “a symbol of Palestinian patriotism” and denounces as intrusive all attempts by outsiders to replace him with an executive prime minister.


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