State Duma official speaks in favor of signing Kyoto protocol

It is profitable for Russia to ratify the Kyoto protocol, AlexanderBelyakov, chairman of the State Duma natural resources committee, said inan interview with RosBusinessConsulting commenting Prime Minister MikhailKasyanov's statement, made at the World Summit on Sustainable Development,which was held in South Africa, that Russia would soon sign this document.According to him, there is a good idea in this document and allindustrially developed countries in the world should support this idea. Headded that the volume of industrial emissions in Russia was much lower thanin other Western countries. That is why "we have many spare quotesstipulated by the Kyoto protocol, and we can provide other countries withthem on certain terms". At the same time, speaking about the text of thedocument, the deputy noted that "some extracts, probably, should becorrected".Commenting on the decision of the United States to refuse signing theprotocol, Belyakov said that "it is not the right decision of the Bushadministration, which is also criticized in the USA"..