Defense Minister to make report to Duma deputies this week

At the first meeting of the autumn session, on September 11, deputies ofthe State Duma are expected to listen to a report of Russian DefenseMinister Sergey Ivanov devoted to the real situation with the Russian ArmedForces. The government hour at the State Duma is planned to be carried outwith closed doors on this day, the press service of the lower house of theRussian parliament reported. Moreover, the deputies intend to consider anumber of addresses to President Vladimir Putin regarding measures onpreventing NATO's expansion, the potential threat to humanity that can becaused by experiments that are carried out in the USA and aim at "targetedpowerful influence of high frequency radio waves on environment", thesituation with managing federal property abroad and others. The deputiesmay also discuss the emergency situation in Novorossisk caused by summerfloods. A group of deputies has proposed to form a special deputycommission to investigate this issue. Moreover, the deputies plan toconsider amendments to the laws on the procedure of forming the FederationCouncil and on the status of a member of the Federation Council and theState Duma.On September 12, the State Duma will consider amendments to the law onprivatization of state and municipal property and to the Land Code.Amendments to the law on advertising will be discussed on the secondreading. The final agenda of the September 11 and 12 plenary sessions willbe set at the meeting of the State Duma Council on September 10..