Rice with 9/11 discourse

Condoleeza Rice has declared that the next terrorist target may be London or Berlin while she links the current hype over Iraq to the threat posed by global terrorism, a statement based purely upon conjecture and speculation.

Condoleeza Rice swells the irrational camp formed by Vice-President Cheney and Defence Secretary Rumsfeld, surrounding US President George W. Bush, in launching an irrational discourse shortly before the visit of British Prime Minister Tony Blair to Camp David, linking the fight against global terrorism to the current tension between Washington and Baghdad.

She said that the next target might not be New York or Washington, but London or Berlin, a clear attempt at a first step towards forming an international coalition not against global terrorism but this time against Baghdad.

In the same interview, on Saturday, the National Security Advisor of the United States of America warned the international community against vacillating in the current climate of hostility which Washington has created with Baghdad. Linking a real threat with one perceived as being a danger to world peace solely by Washington and London, Condoleeza Rice again gives an insight into the flimsy and lackadaisical approach with which she approaches the trappings of her office.

The discourse became more twisted and contrived the longer the interview went on; she claimed that if the world does not deal with Saddam Hussein’s insolence now, it may be too late tomorrow if he decides to “use a nuclear weapon against the United States or Great Britain”. She added that the United States and its allies should not wait until Saddam Hussein is six months or even one month away from developing a nuclear weapon, concluding that it was not a question of “why now?” but “why later?”

“Why”? Because there is something called international law based upon the United Nations Charter which calls on all nations to use diplomatic means to solve crisis management, something Washington seems to have forgotten in its heavy-handed, bullying attitude in international relations.


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