Putin against forced resettlement in Russia

President Vladimir Putin has stated that he is against the forced resettlement of people from Siberia and the Far East in Central Russia.

When replying to a delegate at the Third Worldwide Congress of Tatars, who expressed his opinion that Tatars, above all the elderly, should be returned to their historical homeland, Putin said that state would be against the resettlement of any nationality form the Far East or Siberia to Central Russia.

Vladimir Putin said that there a not inconsiderable number of people were already leaving the Far East and Siberia, so any such proposals were unacceptable.

Congress delegates also raised the issue of Russian citizens learning their national languages.

Vladimir Putin said that another criterium was associated with this issue - that of personal choice. He said that the state must support and cultivate the development and study of national cultures and languages.

Vladimir Putin also backed the idea of allowing the media in RF republics to use their own national language.

When answering a delegate who declared that Tatars needed lawfulness and justice, Vladimir Putin stressed that "not only Tatars need lawfulness and justice, but it's essential for everyone." The head of state also said that he highly appreciated the atmosphere at the meeting, when everyone had the opportunity to raise a particular cause of concern.

"This means that there is a good atmosphere in society. It is important that we have the opportunity to talk about what we are thinking. We have the chance to talk about what is worrying us and not keep it inside," the head of state emphasised.

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