Terrorist neutralised in Omsk region

A terrorist was neutralized in the Omsk Region (South of Western Siberia) on Wednesday.

The duty officer of the Tevriz district interior department reported that at 9.15 a.m. local time, a signal came from the bus station that a bus had not arrived in the village of Tevriz at the scheduled time. A bit later the driver of a passenger car reported that he had seen on the Ust-Ishim-Tevriz road a sign with the word "Children" written on one side and the words "We were captured by an armed terrorist" on the other. The search work of the police immediately yielded a positive result, and already by noon the bus with the terrorist was discovered and the man himself neutralized.

The terrorist's name is Dmitry Shitov, 20, he was recently discharged from a disciplinary battalion. On the day before he came to Ust-Ishim to visit some relatives, where he stole some golden jewellery and acquired a sawn-off gun with cartridges.

On Wednesday, Shitov kidnapped two drivers of a passenger bus bound to Omsk. On the way one of the drivers managed to throw the sign with the information that they had been kidnapped out of the window. When Shitov noticed it, he demanded that the drivers turn the bus towards the forest where he bound them and continued to drive the bus by himself. However, near the village of Komarovka the bus engine failed. The police arrested the terrorist when he was trying to repair the bus engine.

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