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Body of Krasnoyarsk scientist Professor Bakhvalov not discovered?

The Krasnoyarsk territory's prosecutor's office has not confirmed information circulated by some media that the body of the Krasnoyarsk scientist, Professor Sergei Bakhvalov, reported missing on August 18, was discovered on Wednesday August 28.

Nina Kazakevich, senior aide to the territory's prosecutor, said by telephone that "the body of an unknown man with putrid changes was indeed found on the territory, but without special examination it cannot be identified".

According to her, one can speak of identification only in a day's time "when specialists have taken a look at the body". Preliminary examination has revealed that the death occurred 10 days previously.

The 47-year-old scientist Bakhvalov, head of the physical chemistry department of Krasnoyarsk State University, is reported to have left home at about 10:00 p.m. local time on August 18 to have a business meeting with an unknown man. No one has seen Bakhvalov ever since. His mobile telephone, which the scientist took along, is not answering. Bakhvalov is described as a talented specialist in nuclear materials and, particularly, in dismantling nuclear submarines.

FSB officers have joined the investigation.