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Statistics Committee posts data on savings of individuals

The amount of private individual deposits on ruble and foreign currencyaccounts at credit institutions was RUR872.4bn (about $27.65bn) as of July1, 2002, increasing by 24.2 percent as compared to the beginning of 2002,and by 54.9 percent as compared to the correspondent period of 2001. Thisdata was released by the State Statistics Committee of Russia. The share ofSberbank in the volume of private individual savings declined by 1.9against the beginning of the year and reached 69.5 percent as of July 1,2002, while as of July 1, 2001, it amounted to 74.3 percent.The volume of deposits of private individuals on foreign currency accountsat credit institutions in the ruble equivalent was RUR323bn (about$10.24bn) as of July 1, 2002. It gained 32 percent as compared to thebeginning of the year, and 69.7 percent as compared to July 1, 2001. Theshare of foreign currency deposits at Sberbank in the total amount offoreign currency deposits declined by 0.8 percent against the beginning of2002 and reached 50.6 percent. This figure was 53.9 percent as of July 1,2001..