Experts comment on Russian stock market

It seems that the situation on world markets arises concerns ofparticipants of the Russian stock market. That is why some operatorsdecided to fix profits they had received over the previous three weeks ofgrowth. In other words, a serious factor that influences the Russian stockmarket is the absence of a stable tendency on world markets, especially onthe US markets. Experts voiced this opinion in an interview with RBC. Someparticipants of the market believe that under current conditions it ispossible to trade only in the short-term perspective and the presentfluctuations in share prices can be viewed as a sideways trend that wasformed in the middle of July. One should not expect a negative scenario ofthe development of the situation. Many specialists believe that new supportlevels will not be formed in the near future. After the current correction,the situation will stabilize and the market will strengthen. In otherwords, many participants of the market forecast that, if nothingextraordinary happens on world markets, share prices on the RTS and MICEXwill be able to break through a sideways trend and will advance to previousmaximums. Today the market is likely to remain between the levels of 340and 360 points on the RTS index. At the same time, if some positive factorsfor growth appear, the index will start gradually rising to a level of390-400 points..