Finance Ministry reports federal budget figures

The income of the Russian federal budget was RUR991.11bn (around $31.46bn)in the first half of 2002, or 46.6 percent of the total income planned forthis year, according to the data prepared by the Finance Ministry for agovernment meeting scheduled for August 27. Among other things, theparticipants of the meeting will consider the results of the implementationof the federal budget in the first half of 2002. The assignment of taxcollection was accomplished 44 percent of the figure earmarked in thebudget for this year or RUR758.8bn (around $24.08bn). Non-tax income wasRUR56.814bn (around $1.8bn), or 54.5 percent of the estimated figure. Thetotal costs of the federal budget in January-June 2002 were RUR828.2bn(around $26.29bn), or 46.14 percent. The primary surplus of the federalbudget was thus posted at RUR162.8bn (around $5.16bn). In the first half of2002 the primary surplus was 4.1 percent of the GDP. The state debt/GDPratio dropped from 49.1 percent on January 1, 2002 to 41.7 percent on July1, 2002. The income of the federal budget increased 40 percent inJanuary-June 2002 as compared to the first half of 2001..

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