Russia's automobile producer may assemble its trucks in Ethiopia

The Russian automobile manufacturing plant Ural is considering thepossibility of organizing assembling lines in Ethiopia and Brazil, PavelYakovlev, chairman of the company, declared at a press conference today,which was organized within the framework of the seventh MoscowInternational Motor Show-2002. According to him, these countries havefacilities that are necessary for assembling Ural trucks. In particular,there is a motor repair plant in Ethiopia that was built with theassistance of the Soviet Union and its facilities are capable of assemblingup to 3,000 automobiles per year. In Brazil there is a plant built by IVECOand it has enough free facilities, Yakovlev pointed out. At the same timehe admitted that the organization of assembling lines would be possible, inthe event that Ural truck exports to these countries were increased.Currently some 300 trucks are exported to Ethiopia every year and some150-180 to Brazil. Yakovlev noted that Ural had assembling lines in Chinaand Egypt. Annually 100 to 150 trucks are assembled in China and 400 inEgypt. .