Serious Internet problems reported in Vladivostok

Serious Internet problems occurred in Primorye. Internet connection betweeneastern and western regions of Russia was almost lost. It is not a problemto open Far Eastern Internet resources in Vladivostok, but getting accessto web sites in Moscow and Central Russia from Vladivostok is impossiblenow. According to Rostelecom, the telecommunications company that dealswith Russian Internet providers, problems occurred at 3:50 p.m. Moscow timeon August 21. It is hard to tell now, when they will be solved, Rostelecomofficials announced. At the same time, on August 21 was the first day ofpilgrimage of many government officials to Vladivostok and August 23 iswhen President Vladimir Putin is expected here. Internet problems may create serious problems for the coverage of Putin'svisit to Vladivostok by Russian and foreign mass media sources. .