Al-Qaeda in Iraq

But protected by the Kurds in the Northern Exclusion Zone

Al-Qaeda operationals have been observed testing chemical weapons by US agents in northern Iraq, but not the Iraq of Saddam Hussein. This is the Iraq of the Northern Shield, the no-fly zone imposed by the USA and UK.

The Al-Qaeda operationals were reportedly observed for several weeks by CIA agents. The Al-Qaeda members were carrying out tests with chemical weapons on animals and, it is claimed, a man, according to sources quoted by the American channel ABC. It was stated that donkeys and chickens were killed in the experiment and at least one man, who was exposed to the toxin and then watched as he died in agony at home.

All of this took place under the protection of the Kurdish group Ansar-al-Islam. For some reason, claims ABC, President Bush vetoed a CIA plan to target the facility which was producing the chemicals.


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