US Treasury Secretary a scapegoat in Argentina

It seems that now we have found the person guilty of all the problems in Argentina inrecent years

The lower house of the Argentine parliament pronounced US Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill persona non grata on August 21. The draft resolution was submitted by spokeswoman for the United Left Party Patricia Walsh. This woman is well known in Argentina as a publicist and writer. Furthermore, she is the only deputy of the mentioned party. Walsh claimed that O'Neill was the true executor of imperial policy. It was mentioned in the beginning of the resolution that American politics os responsible for the majority of problems Argentina is suffering from. This was also said of the entire Latin American continent and other nations of the world.

We would like to mention that the crisis in Argentina reached its peak after the International Monetary Fund refused to give an emergency loan to this country, even though it was promised. Many Argentine politicians suspect that the decision was made under Washington’s pressure, which was sick of spending money on funding the inefficient economy of Argentina. Other countries of Latin America are also on the list. The recent crises in Brazil and Uruguay prove this. We have to say that the USA has given an emergency loan to Uruguay ($1.5 billion), since the country was sinking deeper and deeper into a precarious situation.

As it usually happens during times of crisis, everyone is looking for a guilty guy. There is nothing surprising that Argentina has blamed the USA for all of its problems. America has always been seeking a special role in the affairs of Latin countries. No one can say if Argentina will recover from its crisis after banning the US Secretary Treasury from visiting.

Vasily Bubnov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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