What Happens To Gas Tariffs?

The government has taken initiatives to increase gas tariffs for different sectors. The new rates will be made effective from September 1.

The energy ministry is finalising a proposal to fix new gas tariff and the proposal will be send to the prime minister for approval, according to sources. Last time, gas price was increased in January.

Meantime, the government has increased power tariff from August 1.

When contacted, State Minister for Energy AKM Mosharraf Hossain said the initiative is to rationalise gas price for different sectors.

"We are still working on different options. Once we finalise the proposal, gas tariff for a section of consumers will go up and at the same time, it will go down for many others," Mosharraf told The Daily Star yesterday.

According to sources, the gas price for domestic and commercial users, power, fertiliser, brick kneel and tea garden will go up. On the other hand, the gas price for industry and captive power will go down.

But the ministry sources said the tariff for a one-burner gas stove would be fixed at Tk 325, up from the current Tk 275. Also, rate for two-burner stove would be increased to Tk 375 from Tk 350.

"We have proposed an 18 per cent increase for one-burner gas stove to discourage its use," a ministry official said.