Russia to render assistance to flooded Germany

Russia’s EMERCOM sent fifteen trucks to Germany Tuesday morning. Russian rescue workers will deliver equipment necessary for restoration works to German regions damaged by the flood. In addition to motor pumps, pumps and heating fans, a special laboratory to determine the stability of buildings was also sent to Germany. The unique equipment was successfully tested during a recent earthquake in Turkey and flood in the Krasnodar region. The flood that has already caused damage to a great part of Europe decided to take a short rest in Germany. Local authorities of Magdeburg decided to give up evacuation of the population because the Elbe level turned out to be 20 centimeters lower of the one expected. The level of 6,7 meters is quite normal for the dams. The information was provided by German on-line media Tuesday early. However, it is also reported that one dam to the east of Magdeburg had burst last night. The water poured into the nearby territories, and urgent evacuation of 500 locals was started. Recovery works still continue at the dam. The situation is still tense in Wittenberg, Dessau and Bitterfeld, but no dam bursts and emergency floods were registered within the past night.

After Hungary, the Danube water is flooding Romania; the flood is expected to reach it speak today. The devastating flood raging in Europe is terrifying, it is even called the Flood. It is not the right moment now to look into causes of the flood. It is clear perfectly well that the man, striving to improve his living conditions, destroyed the environmental background. Lamentable consequences of such actions are what we experience now.

Yegor Belous PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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