Arafat’s prime enemy committed suicide

This information has not been officially confirmed, though

Sensation arrived from Baghdad today: Sabri al-Bana, known as Abu Nidal, committed suicide today. Al-Jazeera television channel reported that Iraqi special services were going to arrest him. Nidal shot himself in the head after he found out about that. The Israeli newspaper Haaretz wrote that the world-known terrorist was suffering from a lethal disease (which one exactly – not specified).

Sabri al-Bana was born in May of 1937 in Jaffa. In 1967 he joined Fatah and took on the name Abu Nidal, which means "Father of the Struggle." Fatah leadership and Yasser Arafat pointed out Nidal’s brutality and determination. In 1969 Nidal was appointed for the position of Fatah’s Sudanese department - this was the highest position he took in the terrorist group. He acted in an independent and ambitious way, which actually made him move over to Iraq. This was the beginning of Nidal’s cooperation with Saddam Hussein.

Abu Nidal performed his first act of terrorism on November 5, 1973. He captured the French embassy in Saudi Arabia. He was then expelled from Fatah. In December of the same year Abu Nidal and Ahmed Gafur killed 55 people at the airport of Athens. Arafat denounced that crime. The tribunal of the Palestinian Liberation Organization sentenced Nidal to death penalty in 1974, In 1975 Abu Nidal spoke out against Arafat, who acknowledged Jews’ right to live in Palestine. Nidal established the organization of his own, the Fatah Revolutionary Council.

It was rumored that Nidal saved a huge fortune with the help of illegal arms sales. He reportedly made $350000000, having business links with Bank of Credit and Commerce, as well as with GDR's special services.

However, representatives of the Palestinian national administration have not confirmed the information about Abu Nidal’s death. It is not ruled out that the terrorist is winding everyone around his finger.

Vasily Bubnov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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