Ulianovsk UAZ Automobile Plant to Present Two New Trucks At Moscow Auto Show

Ulianovsk UAZ automobile plant will present two new trucks, the UAZ-23632 and UAZ-23608, at the Moscow auto show to take place from August 21 through 25. According to the press service of the plant, the trucks are mostly intended for farmers and other rural residents. They also seem attractive to Russia's law enforcement agencies. On the whole, the Ulianovsk plant will display 5 automobiles. Besides the two new trucks, these are UAZ-2360 pickup truck, UAZ-31622 all-terrain vehicle, and UAZ-315195 passenger car.

According to Eduard Shpakovsky, the General Director of the UAZ plant, while at the last year's auto show UAZ just showed vehicles that would probably be mass produced, the ones displayed this year 'will be sold practically tomorrow'. Some of them will go to dealers in January 2003, some a year later.


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