Columbia: Money from US used for porn

2m. USD in funds squandered on porno TV channel

The television channel TV RCN denounced the misuse of funds from the USA to the Columbian anti-narcotics police force: part was spent on mathematics textbooks and subscription fees to pornographic TV channels.

TV RCN broadcast the contents of a document from the United States Embassy in Bogota which mentioned the disappearance of 2 million USD in funds for the Columbian anti-narcotics police. The document claimed that “the money for anti-narcotics aid was used – for example – for the purchase of books…and for the subscription fees for pornographic channels for a company in Florenca (Caqueta province), all purchased with the anti-drugs money”.

The discovery of the misuse of funds, made last May, has led to a spate of dismissals in the Columbian police force.

Juan BLANCO (Columbia) and Timothy BANCROFT-HINCHEY (Lisbon)