Russian stock market remains optimistic

Yury Kafiyev, head of the information and analytical department atRegionfinans financial firm, commented on the situation observed on theRussian stock market in an interview with RBC. He noted that the sentimentsof traders had changed significantly over the past several days. The factthat domestic stocks did not react to a fall on the US stock markettestified to this. The drop in US indices took place after the FederalReserve System had left the key interest rate unchanged. The expertexplained that demand was growing on the Russian market now as traderslaunched purchases of stocks hoping for the further rise this fall. He didnot rule out that downward corrections were possible but stressed that thegeneral situation had improved on the market. Another important factor isthat the crisis is settling down on the US market and the situation willstabilize there in the near future. Naturally, no rally should be expectedon US exchanges but no sharp falls can be predicted either. Finally, oilprices remain at a very high level, and this is another positive factor forthe Russian stock market. Taking into accoun.