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What is more important: Safety or prestige?

Russia's largest airshow to take place in Moscow

The largest Russian civil airshow opened on Wednesday at the Domodedovo airport in Moscow. The main goal of the event is to create a path to the West, which has been blocked by the suits from the Swiss company Noga.

The majority of Russian aviation enterprises refused to participate in the international airshows in Berlin and Farnborough, because of the threat of the seizure of Russian planes. The airshow in Domodedovo is surely not as prestigious, but this is compensation for the Russian aviation industry.

Many people tried to guess if the Russian government would cancel the airshow after the tragedy in Lvov, Ukraine. It was Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov who reassured the people. He stated that the show would open as scheduled and that spectators will see all kinds of aerobatics. All aerobatic stunts have been planned beforehand, and all visitors will be completely safe at a distance of 250 meters from the airfield. Italian pilots of Frecce Tricollori will also take part in the show.

RTR-Vesti reported that 206 companies from 19 countries of the world will take part in the airshow at Domodedovo. Russia will be represented by Il-96, Tu-204, Tu-334, Il-103, Be-103, and Be-200 planes and Mi-26 and Mi-171 helicopters.

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