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Iraq accuses USA and UK of human rights violations

Civilian deaths continue ten years after Gulf War

The Iraqi health authorities have issued new data claiming that “internationally banned weapons, including Depleted Uranium” deployed during the Gulf War are continuing to cause casualties among civilians.

A picture of Huthaifa Gharim Mohammad Sultan, a young boy residing in Mosul, has been released by the Iraqi News Agency. It is claimed that he suffers from skin cancer, a high incidence of which has spread throughout the areas of Iraq where DU weapons were used. The skeleton-like frame supports a hairless head, without eyebrows, with red eyes, trying to smile through parched lips.

It is claimed that there are “hundreds of others” like Huthaifa, in a country which in 1989 was confirmed by the UNO as having the best health system in the region. The UN-imposed embargo has led to a decline in services, resulting in a severe shortage of medicines and vaccines being available.


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