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Korea: Talks proceed

Concrete results expected on second day of conversations

As the two Koreas proceed with their talks, it is hoped that agreement will be reached on several issues.

It is believed that agreement will be reached on a new meeting between the families split by the division of Korea in 1953. The head of the delegation from the Republic of North Korea, Kim Ryong-Song, stated that he was optimistic, while South Korean Unification Minister Jeong Se-Hyun, asked the North to make previous promises a reality, after Kim had said “I am a man who usually brings presents and I deliver them before leaving”.

Both sides are discussing various “delicate questions” and hope to achieve “good results”, he added. These are the first conversations at a ministerial level between the Koreas for nine months. Apart from the question of the family meetings, economic ties and military issues are expected to be discussed.


Photograph: Jeong Se-Hyun

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