New Game For Palestinian Terror: Lose and Kill an IDF Soldier

Umar Hamdan Ahmed Abu Snena, aged 21 from Hebron, surrendered himself to security forces on 26 June 2002 during the IDF's encirclement of the city's governmental buildings.

Umar admitted his involvement in a long series of shooting attacks against IDF soldiers and posts.

Umar revealed that while mingling with fellow Tanzim operatives in Bethlehem in April 2001, a card game took place in which the loser was challenged to kill an Israeli soldier. Ataf Abiat, commander of the Bethlehem Tanzim, was the eventual loser, and subsequently carried out a shooting attack near Rachel's Tomb, in which an IDF soldier was killed.

Abiat later boasted to his friends that this action was a direct outcome of his loss in the card game.

This appalling and horrifying story indicates once again how the Palestinian terror organization operatives perceive and value human life and their lack of respect towards it. This incident also proves once more that hate has no limits and demonstrates the sheer cruelty of the Palestinian Terror.

In addition, Umar confessed that he was recruited by the Tanzim in 1995 by Shehada Abu Snena, a Fatah leader in the Abu Snena neighbourhood. In 1996, Umar was recruited by the Palestinian security apparatus. He subsequently underwent training on various types of weapons in Jericho and was later sent to Jordan for other special training, which included helicopter-boarding exercises and preparations for parachuting.

Umar also noted that he participated in exchanges of fire with IDF and Border Police forces in Hebron on 4 April 2002, while the security forces were attempting to arrest a local senior Tanzim operative. The opposing forces were deployed one kilometer from one another. Umar fired multiple shots from his M-16 assault rifle. A member of the security forces was killed during the exchange of fire.

On 25 November 2001 a terror cell detonated an explosive charge near an IDF convoy carrying the Chief of the General Staff while driving near Beit Hagai. No casualties were inflicted in the attack. Prior to the attack, Umar delivered a Kalashnikov assault rifle and a pistol of his own possession to members of the terror cell. Umar was also involved in a bombing attack against an IDF vehicle in the Judea sector, in which one Israeli soldier was killed. Umar was well aware of the preparations for the attack, and once carried out, he published an announcement claiming responsibility for the attack.

Umar also said he carried out dozens of shooting attacks against IDF posts and residents of the Hebron area. The attacks were intended to kill and wound as many Israelis as possible. Umar also manufactured and dealt in arms and explosive charges used for attacks. He took part in the execution of a Palestinian who admitted to cooperating with Israel. Upon his arrest, additional details were revealed, which shed new light on many attacks in which Israeli soldiers and civilians were wounded. His arrest put a stop to his extensive terrorist activity against military and civilian targets.

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