Ex-box champion becomes the target of killers

In Bishkek, in the very centre of the city, an attempt at life of Andrey Kurnyavka has been committed, famous Soviet sportsman, champion of box.

According to the spokesman for Kirghiz Internal Affairs Ministry, Joldoshbek Buzurmankulov, the criminals fired with Makarov pistol, when Kurnyavks entered the doorway of his house. Of the five shots, only two reached the target. The sportsman was wounded at his leg and buttock. Fortunately, the bullets did not injured important arteries.

The wounded sportsman lost consciousness and was found only in the morning by occasional passers-by. Now, the sportsman is in hospital. Kirghiz law-enforcers started an investigation of the case.

Two years ago, Andrei Kurnyavka also was attacked. At that time, the boxer received several bullet wounds. So, the latest case is not a chance. It is most likely connected with today’s commercial activity of the ex-champion, which seems to be “shady.” All the more that the businessman already once violated the law. Several years ago, he was deported from Germany to Kirghizia, after having spent some time in prison for selling heroin. Experts preferring to remain anonymous, state the boxer is again implicated in some criminal things.

Yury Razgulaev PRAVDA.Ru Bishkek Kirghizia

Translated by Vera Solovieva

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