IPO boom expected in Russia in September

In September 2002, there will be a boom of corporate initial publicofferings (IPO) in Russia. According to an analytical survey by one of theMoscow banks, the total amount of corporate bonds issued in Russia, willreach RUR8.6bn (about $272.30m) in September 2002. For example, RAO UES andRusAl (the Russian Aluminum company) are planning to issue RUR3bn (about$94.99m) in securities each. The prospectuses of these issues are beingcurrently registered at the Russian Federal Securities Commission. Additionally, the Babayevsky sweets producer is expected to issue RUR500m(about $15.83m) in bonds, as well as the Red October sweets producer(RUR300m, or about $9.50m), the Prodimeks trade house (RUR500m, or about$15.83m) and the Seventh Continent trade house (RUR300m, or about $9.50m).The Volzhskoye shipping company is also going to attract RUR500m (about$15.83m) from the stock market. The total amount of bond issues will reachRUR2.5bn (about $79.16m). The range of financial instruments offered toinvestors, will eventually be rather wide at the end of August - inSeptember. It will include both highly-liquid and more speculative bonds ofRAO UES and RusAl and those with high coupon rates of the Babayevsky andRed October sweets producers, analysts believe. In connection with this,investors are recommended not to buy actively on the secondary market and"to make room in their investment portfolios"..