Russia's imports were $14.4bn in second quarter of 2002

The volume of Russia's imports was $14.38bn in the second quarter of 2002,an increase of 5.6 percent as compared to the second quarter of last year,the Foreign and Public Relations Department of the Russian Central Bankreported. Russia's imports from foreign countries were $11.506bn (up 17.2percent from the figure reported in the second quarter of 2001), whileRussian imports from the countries of the Commonwealth of the IndependentStates (CIS) were $2.874bn (down 24.4 percent from the figure reported inthe year-ago period). In June 2002 Russia's imports were $4.802bn. In Junethe volume of imported products grew 30.4 percent in Russia as compared tothe figure reported in January 2002 and 4.8 percent against the figureposted in May 2002. Russia imported products from foreign countries in theamount of $3.821bn in June of this year (an increase of 17.5 percent fromthe figure reported in June of last year), while Russia's imports from thecountries of the CIS were $0.981bn in June 2002 (a decrease of 31.5 percentas compared to June 2001). .