Moscow Statistics Committee posts unemployment figures

Some 0.7 percent of the workforce were registered as unemployed in Moscowin June 2002, the Moscow City Statistics Committee reported. According tothe data of the Moscow department of the Federal State Employment Service,about 72,400 people did not have a job and were actively searching for itat the end of June 2002. About 36,600 out them were officially recognizedas unemployed. The number of the officially registered unemployed advancedby 6 percent compared to the end of December 2002.According to the data from the Moscow City Statistics Committee, some87,000 people did not have a job in Moscow in May 2002, which was 1.6percent of the total number of Moscow's employable residents.The total amount of Moscow's employable residents was 5.526m people in theperiod from January to May 2002, which was 65 percent of the city's totalpopulation. Some 5.435m or 98 percent of them were employed.In May 2002 some 16 percent of the total number of employees of themedium-sized and large enterprises and organizations worked at industrialenterprises, 12 percent were employed at educational establishments, 11percent at scientific establishments, 9 percent were employed at health andphysical culture establishments and social services, 8 percent atenterprises of the transport and catering industries each and 7 percent atenterprises of the construction industry..