Central Bank releases Q2 data on exports

The volume of Russian exports was $25.900bn in the 2nd quarter of 2002,decreasing by 1.32 percent as compared to the correspondent period of 2001,the department for external and public relations of the Russian CentralBank reported. Exports of Russian goods to CIS countries amounted to$3.823bn, which was 98.4 percent of the corresponding figure of 2001.Exports to other foreign countries were $22.077bn, which was 98.7 percentof similar exports in the 2nd quarter of 2001.In June 2002, Russian exports reached $8.166bn increasing by 20.1 percentagainst January 2002 and decreasing by 3 percent against May 2002. Thismonth, Russian exported $1.285bn in goods to CIS countries (88.3 percent ofthe corresponding amount of 2001) and $6.881bn to other foreign countries(89.5 percent)..


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