Novorossiysk marine frontier guards brigade saving people in distress

The patrol ship and a cutter of the Novorossiysk marine frontier brigade take part in saving people who have suffered from the flood and are in the open sea.

A special mobile detachment, equipped with repairing and water pumping units, has been set up in the flooded zone, said Viktor Morozov, acting head of the Federal border service North Caucasian regional department's press service. Another detachment has been sent in the disposal of the Novorossiysk city administration for clearing obstructions of trees, garbage and dirt.

At the same time emergency recovery works are conducted in the locations of the frontier detachments. Mud avalanches damaged communication with some posts, some military communities were flooded. Yet the Novorossiysk and Sochi frontier detachments are carrying out their service as usual, Morozov stressed.