Novorossiysk's Primorsky district suffered most from the natural calamity

The Primorsky district of Novorossiysk (port city on the Black Sea) suffered most in the result of the natural calamity.

According to the preliminary information, 100 houses were destroyed, 1,200 houses flooded, 5 bridges destroyed, a dam on the Vladimirovsky reservoir destroyed, about 600 people evacuated.

Over 500 people have been evacuated from the regions of the Shirokaya Balka and Sukhaya Schel. 850 houses were flooded in the Eastern district of Novorossiysk and over 20 houses in the central district of the city.

There was a breakdown at the Troitsk reservoir and in the result the supply of the drinking water was limited. There have also been registered 40 blows of the city gas system. Abrau-Dyurso is completely cut off from the gas supply.

The recovery works in Novorossiysk and the regions are conducted by the 108th airborne regiment of the Sea Coast guards. Seven rescue groups from Moscow, the republic of Adygeya, the Stavropol region, Gelendzhik and Novorossiysk along with the diving group from the Gelendzhik Rescue centre work in the disaster zones.