Another series killer is active in the Rostov region

The police had to acknowledge the rumors

The head of the Internal Affairs department of the Rostov region, Major General Vitaly Shevchenko has officially acknowledged that another series killer was active in the region. The special investigation group does not have the exact information about the number of his victims.

Nevertheless, police officers say that the maniac has already killed five young girls. The Vremya Novostey newspaper wrote that series killers were not something extraordinary for the Rostov region. It is enough to recall Andrey Chikatilo or Vladimir Mukhankin, who boasted of killing women and children not monthly, but weekly.

The Rostov police have been repeatedly denying those rumors since last fall, but the rumors were proved to be true after three dismembered female bodies were found in July. Shevchenko declared that all those murders were being investigated within the scope of a single criminal case, because the crimes were most likely committed by a series killer: “I can not say, if he is a maniac, or not, it is a medical question, but I would advise not to go outdoors at the evening time,” – the chief of the Rostov police said. Vitaly Shevchenko also said that over 200 women were currently missing in the Rostov region.

Roman Kisilev PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov