Russian Finance Ministry on Friday will pay 52,841,000 Euro in clearing off the debt of Russia to the IMF

On Friday, the Russian Finance Ministry will pay 52,841,000 Euro on account of the debt of Russia to the International Monetary Fund.

As the spokesman for the Finance Ministry said, according to the schedule of payments, the money was to be transferred on August 11th.

However, since this day is Sunday, it was decided to make the payment on August 9th.

The previous transfer of 49,052,000 Euro in repayment of Russia's debt to the IMF was made on August 7th. In 2002, Russia has to pay to the IMF the total of 1.5 billion dollars. Since January and till the beginning of August, Russia has already paid about $900 million. As of January 1st, 2002, Russia's debt to the Fund amounted to some $7.5 billion. Officials of the International Monetary Fund point out that Russia fully meets its commitments on the previously received credits from the Fund.